Sylvanian Families Husky Family

$49.00 $44.10

Sylvanian Families Husky Family  Meet the Sylvanian Families Husky Family. The Huskies have beautiful grey and brown fur to keep them warm and the adorable triplets are wearing matching hooded...

Playmobil Family Fun Beach Hotel

$349.00 $314.10

The spacious PLAYMOBIL Beach Hotel invites you to a fun family holiday on the beach. Check-in at reception where you are welcomed by the friendly hotel dog, then make your...

Sylvanian Families Woolly Alpaca Family

$49.00 $44.10

Meet the Woolly Alpaca Family. Woolly Alpaca Family, a family of four who all have laid-back and calm personalities.Woolly Alpaca Father is skilled at knitting and loves listening to music....

Sylvanian Families Walnut Squirrel Family

$49.00 $44.10

Meet the organised Sylvanian Walnut Squirrel Family. Father Cedric, mother Yardley, brother Ralph and sister Saffron.Cedric Walnut is never happier then when he is organising something. Whether it is a...

Sylvanian Families Striped Cat Family

$49.00 $44.10

Meet the healthy Sylvanian Striped Cat Family Simon is sporty, and especially enjoys marine sports. Whenever he has time, he takes his family to spend time at their summer house...

Sylvanian Families Silk Cat Family

$49.00 $44.10

Meet the dancing Sylvanian Silk Cat Family. Fred Golightly graduated in many dance styles but his favourite is tap. He and his wife went on to open the Golightly School...

Sylvanian Families Polar Bear Family

$32.00 $28.80

Introducing the cool polar bear family. Father, Seamus enjoys fishing. He always researches the best bait to use for the fish that can be caught in each season ahead of...

Sylvanian Families Milk Rabbit Family

$49.00 $44.10

Meet the Milk Rabbit Family, pack includes: Father Alex, Mother Kate, Brother Oliver and Sister Rebecca. These miniature animal figures have articulated arms, legs and head and are made of...

Sylvanian Families Marshmallow Mouse Family

$49.00 $44.10

Bernard the Marshmallow Mouse Father isn't very good with details, but he loves making delicious food with his homemade cheese collection for his family. Bianca the Marshmallow Mouse Mother is...

Sylvanian Families Maple Dog Family

$32.00 $28.80

Introducing the Maple Dog Family.  The Maple family, Father Walter, Mother Wanda and daughter Saffron are a family of three who love living in Sylvania Age: 3+ Item no: 5132...

Sylvanian Families Maple Cat Family

$49.00 $44.10

Meet the wonderful Sylvanian Maple Cat Family. The Maple Cat father is good at giving directions. He takes lots of notes of the nice places he visits in his little...

Sylvanian Families Koala Family

$49.00 $44.10

Meet the family from Australia the Koala Family. Bruce Outback is an excellent tree climber. All the village children enjoy challenging Bruce to a "tree climbing" competition. Carissa Outback has a...

Sylvanian Families Kangaroo Family

$49.00 $44.10

Meet the sporty Sylvanian Kangaroo Family. Father Bruce runs the Sylvanian Cricket Club and is also the captain of the team, Mother Shelia is a great all round sportswoman and...

Sylvanian Families Cottontail Rabbit Family

$49.00 $44.10

Introducing the Cottontail Rabbit Family.  Father Aaron Cottontail is a down-to-earth and hardworking furniture maker, who takes great pride in his family and his work. He is such a skilled craftsman,...

Sylvanian Families Chocolate Rabbit Family

$49.00 $44.10

Meet the sweet Sylvanian Chocolate Rabbit Family - Sylvanian Families Chocolate Rabbit Family has all four members of the Chocolate family. A great pack to start, or add to your...

Sylvanian Families Caramel Dog Family

$49.00 $44.10

Meet the Caramel Dog Family, pack includes Father Lance, Mother Vivian, Sister Carlie and little Brother Justin! Caramel Dog Family members have small ears, which adds to their charm. The...

Sylvanian Families Bear Family

$49.00 $44.10

Meet the trusted Sylvanian Bear Family. Patrick is the mayor of Sylvanian Village and everybody trusts him. He's always thinking of things to do for the village and making sure...

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